Michelle Ouellette

Michelle Ouellette has a unique gift for clearly explaining complex topics to beginners.  As a child, she tried to teach her younger sister French and oceanography out of her mother’s college textbooks, but without much success.  Success came later when, as a graduate student, she realized she could teach difficult concepts while maintaining students’ interest, partly due to the incorporation of every-day examples into even the most abstract ideas, and partly due to her limitless patience and enthusiasm.  She completed a PhD in astronomy and astrophysics at Michigan State University and went on to teach physics and astronomy at Cal Poly State University.  There, she used science as a bridge between the university and the local community by working with area astronomy clubs and homeschool students.  She was recognized for her hard work and outstanding teaching with the CFA Lecturer of the Year Award in 2010.

Later that year, Michelle jumped at the opportunity to move to Italy, and she now lives in a small medieval town near the Adriatic coast.  When she couldn’t find a job in science, she realized that it doesn’t matter what she teaches — she quickly became adept at teaching English — just so long as she’s teaching.  Gifted with languages, she also works as a freelance translator and editor.  She has been encouraged to expand her writing career, and she sees this as a great opportunity to make science fun and engaging for everyone.  She hopes you feel the same!

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